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Panelization/Board routing

The shape of PCB’s impacts handling and assembly time. Small PCB’s, <10mm length and <10mm width, present difficulties during assembly. Placement of parts on such PCB’s becomes more difficult when automated. For this reason, it is recommended that such PCB’s be panelized. (See Fig. 1)

However, the grouping should also consider the structural integrity of the panel as a whole as the robots will treat each panel as an individual board. The grouping should not be such that the entire panel becomes flimsy. This situation creates another placement problem. (See Fig. 2)

For boards designed to have parts protrude from the edge, grouping is also possible. In most situations, it is advised that clients consult Logas before routing the boards. However, figure 3 can serve a guide.
Board panelization Board panelization

Fig 1:Board Panelization                     Fig 2. Structural integrity of panelized PCB's
Board panelization
Fig 3: Panelization for boards with protruding parts.
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