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Leadfree Assembly (ROHS)

Logas assembly processes comply with the requirements for the restriction of harzardous substances (ROHS).Logas acknowledges the importance of the leadfree drive and is committed to improving processes towards leadfree compliance.

Logas' approaches to leadfree include: 

a.    Supply chain services: Logas scans through the bill of materials to identify every leaded component to be replaced. Logas maintains a relationship with certified suppliers for replacing leadfree parts. Logas recommends for leadfree replacement after evaluation of the suppliers based on cost, quality and reliability.

b.   Technology acquisition: Logas' equipment and processes has been upgraded to meet green requirements.

c.   Flexible prototyping Support: Logas works with clients by providing flexible prototyping thereby ensuring that clients get the required feedback on time when developing leadfree replacement products.

d.   Inspection: Logas has a pool of IPC certified inspectors with experience and certification on leadfree.

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