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Fiducials (Global and Local)

The top camera of placement vision systems scans the surface of the board to locate fiducials. The fiducials serve as targets used by the placement system to offset the coordinates in the computer for any variation in true board location. Logas recommends that ‘local’ and ‘universal’ fiducials be added to PCB’s.

There is also an option to ignore this step during component mounting, but that will cause the placement system to assume that the PCB, while clamped or held firm for placement, is in the accurate position.
The option of ignoring the fiducial check before placement is not ideal for PCB’s with fine pitch components, BGA’s etc. or heavily populated boards. ‘Scattered’ fiducials could be local to individual parts as well as group of parts in a region. Figure 5 illustrates the fiducial requirements.

Fiducial requirements
            Fig 4: Fiducials
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