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Six Sigma and Total Quality Management at Logas

Six Sigma is a discipline rooted on conscious elimination of defects by managing process variations responsible for defects. These process variations create defect opportunities. The Six Sigma methodology measures defects per million opportunities with the aim of eliminationg those defects completely or keeping defect levels at 3.4 per (one) million opportunities


Logas Six Sigma Drive

The major driving force in the Logas Six Sigma quality system is the voice of the customer (VOC). The customer defines quality objectives while Logas interprets quality objectives using standards such as IPC and any other relevant standard explicitly stated on the contract. Logas aims at keeping the margin between the designed quality and manufactured quality to near zero. Logas maintains quality standards that guarantee quality levels that are greater than the client's quality objectives.

At Logas, the assembly of products involve steps that has been optimized to reduce cost, guarantee desired quality levels and reduce lead times. The Six Sigma thinking is essential to Logas processes as each solder joint and each modification constitute a defect opportunity.

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