Our Company

In 1995, Logas Manufacturing Corporation was awarded the ISO 9002 certification, and has subsequently earned the updated ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.

Established in 1984, Logas Manufacturing Corporation has consistently responded to the evolving demands of the electronics assembly industry. By 1998, Logas had broadened its expertise to encompass electromechanical and chassis assembly, now offering comprehensive turnkey services for clients seeking complete outsourcing solutions. Our core values—Quality, Flexibility, Dependability, and Cost—underline our mission in every venture. These principles guide our unwavering pledge to our clientele, vendors, and dedicated employees. We provide exceptional customer support, establish realistic obligations, and ensure our deliverables either meet or surpass our customers' expectations.

Logas is poised for continued growth through further staff enhancements and investment in capital. Our commitment is to be an integral part of the dynamic industry, delivering quality products and timely services crucial for our clients’ success. We actively update our technological capabilities to efficiently address our customers' needs, ensuring each investment enriches our service offerings. At Logas, we are dedicated to cultivating strong relationships with both clients and suppliers at all tiers, guaranteeing that each product dispatched adheres to the highest standards of quality, is economically priced, and delivered punctually.