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Quality Management Process


Quality Planning
The early stages of every build at Logas involves the definition and interpretation of intended quality of the product. The process design and manufacturing engineering follows to ensure that no deviation is observed between the intended quality and the manufactured quality.The relevant documentation requirements are determined and control points developed to assure quality.

Quality Control
To ensure that our assemblies meet all requirements, specifications for processes are defined in line with the desired quality objectives. This enables Logas to respond to clients' quality requirements on time and at low cost.

Quality Improvement
Logas identifies with industry trends. The major item in the Logas improvement drive is the customer responsiveness requirement. In order to be more responsive, Logas recognizes that customers have needs that should be met. To meet these needs, Logas involves the customer in all continuous improvement drives. Feedbacks from customers are solicited and used to source relevant technologies to meet customer present and future needs.

Quality Information
Logas' external and internal information system addresses the requirements of documentation, data collection and analysis to aid quality planning, control and improvement.

Please see our corporate quality manual for a high level description of our quality management system.

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