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We offer Turnkey Solutions to meet your project needs


Logas provides efficient and cost effective electronics manufacturing services such as:

Surface Mount Technology Manufacturing

Logas offers the assembly of wide range of components in surface mount applications. Our system is equiped to handle the following: All BGA's (type and shape), Very fine pitch chips, QFN, Flip chips, Component sizes from 0402 up

Through Hole Assembly

Logas resently upgraded the through-hole process to leadfree. The process is equiped to handle all components in the through-hole application. Logas provides other modes of through-hole assembly to take care of specific customer requirements. Our through-hole process is tailored to low- to mid-volume, high mix assembly.

Electromechanical assembly

Logas also offers electromechanical assembling that conform to customer specifications and IPC standards. Logas offers turnkey services for electromechanical assembly including complete product assembly.