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Message from the President

Over the years, Logas Manfuacturing Corporation focused on understanding what is most important to customers. The search revealed that as customers' needs grow, Logas processes has to evolve accordingly.

Consequently, our efforts to respond to customers' expectations has resulted in process improvement. For that reason, Logas manufacturing adopted a radical approach to customer satisfaction. In our approach, we redefined responsiveness. Our approach to responsiveness precludes the reluctance to commit to our customers highest quality expectations. Infact, we strive to exceed customers’ expectations.

Our effort to better understand our customers' needs and situations, have created a synergistic effect for Logas and our clients. This new synergy provided guidance and inspires creativity in finding new and radical ways to meet our customers needs. We pursued this goal by moving a step further in technology acquisitions by way of upgrades.

Logas manufacturing system has been upgraded to meet the requirements of military specifications, and IPC class 3 in all process areas. Logas recently moved to an ultra modern facility which was designed to handle products with high quality and reliability requirements. The latest upgrade attests to Logas’ commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of its operations.

We at Logas wish to express our deep thanks to all our valuable customers who provided the much needed feedback and stood behind us through this period of learning. We look forward to doing business with you as you work to promote quality.
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